What are the best family trampolines?

What are the best family trampolines?

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Jumping on a trampoline is great fun for young and old alike. So it’s not surprising that an increasing number of gardens and yards have trampolines of various shapes and sizes. If you’re thinking about getting a trampoline too, you must be curious about which ones are the best for your family.



2021 and 2022 were marked by increased sales of square trampolines

When selecting a trampoline, two of the key factors are its size and shape, which must be able to fit into the space you have for it. In 2021 and 2022, the top-selling trampolines were 11×8 ft, with square shapes being the most popular, although sales of round trampolines were not far behind.

Of course, you should also consider the quality of the trampoline. Quality is essential if you want your family to use the trampoline safely for many years.

Keeping this in mind, let’s look at three models of family trampolines from the Akrobat Orbit series, which are especially popular among families with children, as they fully meet their varied needs.

Akrobat Orbit 11x8 ft – a long-lasting guarantee of endless fun in the garden

Akrobat Orbit 11×8 ft – a long-lasting guarantee of endless fun in the garden

In the category of free-standing family trampolines, one of the best-selling is without doubt the square Orbit 11×8 ft. This model is impressive for its modern design, the possibility of year-round use, and some unique technical features which significantly improve the user experience.

The first feature that should be highlighted is the AkroAir jumping mat, which is like a conventional mat except for the fact that it’s ventilated.


The mat is not only resistant to UV rays and fire,

but also to significant temperature swings,

ranging from -30°C to +70°C.


Combined with AkroSpring, an innovative spring system that is highly durable and rust-resistant, it ensures the best bounce, quiet jumping, better safety, minimum impacts on the body, and an exceptionally long trampoline lifespan.

Due to the innovative AkroClick system, the Akrobat Orbit 11×8 ft trampoline is also very easy to assemble. This smart assembly system allows individual profiles to connect without the use of any screws or tools, which means you can get the job done in a few very simple steps. The frame is resistant to rust, which gives you a long-lasting guarantee of endless fun in your garden or yard.

The Akrobat Orbit 11×8 ft trampoline also includes a UV-resistant safety net, which opens and closes with a high-quality zipper. Safe and easy entrance and exit are ensured by the Akrobat safety system. The Akrobat Orbit 11×8 ft is made entirely from high-quality and certified materials that comply with the strictest EU safety regulations.

Akrobat Orbit Inground 11x8 ft – maximum safety without a safety net